Who I Am

Beverly Lamoureux has had a life-long fascination with molten glass and how it is manip–
ulated into graceful yet rigid forms. Growing up on the southeastern coast
of Massachusetts, she occasionally had the opportunity, as a teenager, to visit a glass studio in New Bedford and the Sandwich Glass Museum.

After high school, Beverly attended college at University of Maine in Orono but found that college was not to her liking at that time. She moved back home to Massachusetts, always thinking that she wanted to return to Maine at some point. Ten years later, she and her future husband, moved back to Maine, married, purchased a home in Franklin and started to raise a family. She worked as a bookkeeper for a hardware store for ten years, all the while trying to balance work, two small children and home life. It became apparent to Beverly and her husband that daycare was not the place they wanted their children to be, day after day. So they worked split shifts to make ends meet.

Beverly’s mother, an avid craftsperson and talented artist, gave her a book on lampwork glass beads and a spark of interest was ignited. Beverly was in a place in her life where she was seeking an outlet for her creativity, needed to be able to help out financially, but also desired to be ever present on a d aily basis for her family. Lampwork turned out to be the perfect fit for all factors. So in 2002, Beverly began the expedition into the hot glass world, and it has been a most amazing journey. This has been the only medium that has held her interest and the directions of where it could take her are absolutely infinite.

Being mostly self-taught, learning has been much slower than if she had been able to pay thousands of dollars to take innumerable classes. The mistakes made along the way are so much more revealing than being taught everything flawlessly the first time. It is still a thrill to get out in the studio, light that torch, and start creating. Her studio is a slightly altered garden shed that has some insulation and a small gas heater to provide the additional heat to work through those long, cold Maine winter days and nights.

The Lamoureux family lives on a very quiet tidal bay in Downeast Maine. Beverly will tell you that half the day they live on the salt water, and the other half of the day they have mud-front property. This body of water, called Hog Bay, is the northernmost breeding ground of the horseshoe crab, so, in the late spring, a walk down on the shore at high tide is sure to provide many sightings of these odd but ancient arthropods. The only other excitement on the bay is the man who checks his oyster beds every few days, and an occasional kayaker, and of course the frequent sightings of bald eagles and osprey. In fact, the Lamoureux family chickens would say they see way too much of these hungry birds.

In 2010, Beverly returned to college, part-time, in hopes of earning the bachelor degree that should have been received thirty years ago. Now she is balancing a small business, full-time summer job, part-time work study, and school work. It is hoped that this website will assist Beverly’s customers in finding what they need, as they may not as easily find her at one of the shows she attends since the number has been drastically reduced. She continues to explore new pieces and ways to use her molten glass. Customers always have great suggestions and “necessity is always the mother of invention.”